Winnipeg’s BBQ Leader – A Carnivore’s Delight!

Winnipeg’s BBQ Leader – A Carnivore’s Delight!
Winnipeg’s BBQ Leader – A Carnivore’s Delight!

I was recently invited to Lovey’s BBQ on Marion Street in St. Boniface to dine with three social media friends. This was not my first time at Lovey’s — I do try to make the trip for their wonderful smoked wings on a regular basis. Repeat visits to a restaurant across town is rare for me though, Winnipeg has so many great restaurants that I prefer to “been there, done that” with most establishments, but Lovey’s always brings me back for more!

Before Lovey’s opened I had only ever been to one BBQ joint and that was in Fort Myers, Florida while on vacation in the late 90’s. I’m very excited by the insurgence of BBQ north of the border here in Winnipeg.

Over the past four years since Lovey’s, Winnipeg’s first BBQ establishment opened, my husband and I have been back for their Q on numerous occasions. On our first visit we decided to try a little bit of everything that Lovey’s smokes by ordering Lovey’s Mixer (perfect for two) – click the link to read more. I highly recommend this choice for first time visitors as it provides a lovely cross-section of Lovey’s offerings.

My husband and I have popped in for wings and ribs quite often since our first visit. We especially love their baby back ribs.  We haven’t been to Lovey’s Wing Nights – Tuesday and Wednesday, nor on their Monday Night all you can eat ribs feast. But both of those are going on my calendar for the summer – who wants to join me?

Funny story…
On my 40th birthday, my husband had a very swanky day of surprises planned that started off in the Hamam at Ten Spa and concluded with an overnight stay at the Fairmont Hotel, dinner at Hy’s and opening night tickets to MTC.

After my spa time, we wanted to have a nice lunch downstairs from the spa at The Fort Garry Hotel’s Palm Lounge. However we ended up walking out of the restaurant before ordering due to a very loud gentleman carrying on a cell phone conversation across the room. Definitely not the type of atmosphere that they are known for… but I suggested we hit Lovey’s for some wings and some finger licking fun. The lesson learned? No matter how classy a gal you are, or how busy a day you have planned, you can always plan to pop into Lovey’s for a memorable meal.

Smoked wings are the best - they just fall off the bone and are super easy to eat!

Smoked wings are the best – they just fall off the bone and are super easy to eat!

Over the winter we also shared a takeout meal with a couple of good friends in the neighbourhood in support of a MeToWe fundraiser. Roger, the owner, is a huge supporter of our community, and their latest fundraising card is a super smart way for any organization or cause to raise funds easily. Fundraising is a breeze with Lovey’s peel-a-deal cards. Valued at over $55, we give them to you for FREE, you sell them to support your cause and you keep the money! Super Easy!

Loveys Fundraising Card - a great way to give back

Loveys Fundraising Card – a great way to give back

But back to the food and my most recent Lovey’s experience…

Our table of four ordered the vast Voyageur Platter (perfect for four), which included a bit of everything — a slab of St. Louis style side ribs, one whole BBQ chicken, one pound slow smoked beef brisket, BBQ pit beans, creamy coleslaw, cornbread muffins and fries.

Lovey's BBQ Voyageur Platter (before)

Lovey’s BBQ Voyageur Platter (before)

I’m still focused on my Weight Release challenge for 2013, so I was heartened to learn that smoked BBQ items are actually quite a lean alternative for dining out. All the animal fat is melted off the meat while it’s being smoked. Learning how to smoke meat is on my culinary bucket list and I’m desperately seeking a great at-home smoker!

I also learned that all of Lovey’s proteins are locally sourced from Manitoba meat producers – a competitive advantage over the newly opened BBQ chains. I love the idea of keeping the money in our province!

Lovey's BBQ Beef Brisket

Lovey’s BBQ Beef Brisket is amazing and so tender

First up were the wings, some deep-friend pickles (I’m still not a fan of these), and something I’d not yet tried, but which is now a new favourite – pulled pork poutine. Now I’m not a fan of french fries, nor poutine… so trust me when I say You’ve Gotta Try This!

Lovey's Pulled Pork Poutine is to die for!

Lovey’s Pulled Pork Poutine is to die for!

Next up came the main course and it was a cafeteria-size serving tray loaded with garlic fries, smoked chicken, smoked ribs, coleslaw and my very favourite in-house baked beans. There was barely enough room on the table for the brisket and corn bread, but we made it work. What a feast!

Lovey's Voyageur Platter Feast of all things BBQ

Lovey’s Voyageur Platter – a Feast of all things BBQ

I highly recommend this option for a carefree summer dinner, picnic, plus I think it’d be ideal to pick up on your way out to the cottage for an easy Friday meal. Lovey’s even has city-wide delivery using the services of Mobile Maitre’d if you don’t want to make the trek to St. Boniface

Needless to say, the four of us left the restaurant stuffed to the gills with yummy goodness as well as doggy bags to enjoy later and share with our families. The Voyageur Platter provides huge value to feed four (or more) people.

These were the leftovers, even four adults couldn't do it justice.

Lotsa Leftovers: even four adults couldn’t do it justice

But no meal at Lovey’s is complete without a glass of their in-house, fresh-squeezed lemonade — another favourite of mine, and I could drink it all day long. It’s especially good with a shot of vodka!

I have to tell you that I’m a real fan of everything that Lovey’s does. I have referred many a carnivore to Lovey’s and I have never heard of anyone being disappointed. I could wax on for pages and pages about the tenderness of the meat, the tangy-ness of their BBQ sauce, but I truly recommend that you put Lovey’s on your Summer “Must-Do” Bucket List and if you have any friends coming to town… strongly suggest they check out Lovey’s for a real unique foodie adventure.

SOCIAL MEDIA CONNECTIONS: To learn more about all the happenings at Lovey’s this summer… check out and Like them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, and check out their Youtube channel too.

Loyalty has it's rewards! Next time you're in pick up a card - it's free

Loyalty has it’s rewards! Next time you’re in pick up a card – it’s free

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    • Awesome! I guarantee you will love it, Jolene. Where are you coming in from BTW? LMK if you need any other foodie recommendations.

  1. Great review, Anna. Not being much of a carnivore myself, I doubt that I would benefit from a meal at Lovey’s but I’m sure Gary would be in heaven with the choice of ribs and wings.

    • Gary would most definitely be in 7th Heaven, Char! You should take him there for lunch one day. Wings nights include 12 different styles of wing flavours I understand. Yum-o!

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