Cruising Right Along – down 12lbs so far in 2013

Cruising Right Along – down 12lbs so far in 2013

Now before you think that losing 2 pounds a week is a bad thing, remember that I am using the Move More-Eat Less principle of weight release, and not any sort of diet or magic pill/ shake program. And though I’m about to reference Weight Watchers, note that I used the program over three years ago to lose 60+ pounds, but… like with most diets the weigh came back as soon as I stopped the program. This time my Weight Release pathway is all about a change in lifestyle. And so far I’m pretty happy to be back down to my pre-surgery weight from last Summer, having released a total of 12 pounds so far in 2013.

Here are a few more of my weight release secrets, and a couple of updates on previous posts.

WEIGHTS & MEASURES: One thing I’ve changed on my Weight Release journey this time is that I only weigh-in every two weeks, and I take my measurements every four weeks. This shift in thinking and in how I watch the scale has contributed to my success. Plus, I’m always so keen to see how I am doing every couple weeks instead of making it a daily or weekly chore to check the scale.

MALL-WALKING: So far in 2013 I’ve logged a total of 117.5 kilometers (73 miles for my American readers) – all at the mall, before it opens. In February I cut my morning walks back to just 3 times a week to allow me more time to write a new textbook for the public speaking course I’ll be teaching this Fall.

On average, I’m still walking about 10kms per week. I’m still happy with that number, plus I’ve also started to strap-on 2-pound ankle weights, which provide a bit more resistance to my “marches”. I also began to nourish my mind by listening to Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People at least one morning a week.

SMOOTHIES: I decided to try Bolthouse’s Chocolate Protein Shake, which you can pick up in your local supermarket’s produce section, but I caution you to avoid it if possible. I knew I was in trouble with the first sip, as it tasted waaaaaay too good to be healthy for you. And sure enough… have a look at the nutritional information.

It's fine in a pinch, but not a smart choice for a daily smoothie regime.

It’s fine in a pinch, but not a smart choice for a daily smoothie regime.

After drinking half of the smoothie, I quickly popped online to check how may points Weight Watchers (WW) would allocate this meal replacement. Anyone can access their Points Calculator for free online by the way. If you’re familiar with the WW program, you’ll know that most women are allocated about 27-30 points per day.

That smoothie weighed in at TEN points – OMG! That is way too much for one meal let alone a smoothie. And don’t get me started on what McDonalds, Tim Horton’s and all the other commercial smoothie makers are weighing in at! Though I’m considering conducting a little comparison exercise on smoothies in a future post, so stay tuned. In the meantime I’ll stick to my favourite recipe for homemade smoothies – LeanFit Protein Smoothies.

This world just isn't worth living in without Bacon! Do you agree?

This world just isn’t worth living in without Bacon! Do you agree?

LEAN PROTEIN SNACK: One thing we are known for in Canada is our Back Bacon, or Canadian Bacon as our neighbours to the South like to call it. My favourite quick (and fairly healthy snack) is 3 to 6 pieces of Freybe’s Back Bacon which I pick up at Costco. In regards to Weight Watchers points 3 pieces is just TWO points, plus it’s quick and easy to brown up in a non-stick frying pan for an easy snack between meals.

DETOX TEA: Now I’ve never been a fan of any Detox products. I recently bought Mighty Leaf Tea’s Organic Detox Infusion as an alternative to my other Mighty Leaf faves – Citrus Chamomile and Mint Medley. There is nothing like a great cup of tea.

What I have been doing lately with this Detox tea is steeping it for 5-10 minutes in a whole kettle-full of boiling water, and then cooling it for an alternate cold drink. I love sipping this cup of iced tea while I write in the mornings as it has a nice flavour. I simply pour 4 glasses of tea, cover each with plastic wrap, and store them in the fridge for my morning writing marathons.

What lifestyle habits have you changed so far this year?
Are you moving more? Eating less?
What is working for you?

Please feel free to share your experience with me as I’d love to hear about your own personal journey.

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  1. Great work!!! Our health is so incredibly important, so glad you are seeing results from your hard work :)

    Do you have netflix? If so, have you watched “Hungry for Change”? It’s a great doc and full of good info, some of which might help you along on your journey.

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